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Buying and Selling Notes
The market for discounted loans has shrunk somewhat in the recent years. This is because people have refinanced as rates have generally fallen. Refinancing has caused many notes to be paid off.

In effect, activity of selling and buying notes has reduced since there are relatively few notes to buy or sell. Around the country more and more people are learning how to buy and sell notes. For selling and buying notes, work with a local mortgage broker and try to learn finer points of the business. Try to find out more about such licensure and regulatory requirements to buy and sell notes.

Certain documents are required for selling & buying note or other structured settlement transaction. A document of the highest priority is the one that allows the investor to verify the terms and structure of the note.
  • Other securing documents: land contracts, warranty deeds, deeds of trust, promissory notes, etc. Compile all documents recorded at the sale of the property
  • The investor to verify that the payer of the note has been paying regularly will ask for a neat record of the payment dates or copies of several bank statements showing the same – i.e. date of the deposits.
  • Collate the escrow instructions from the sale that created your note. At least, provide the name of the escrow company and the officer who handled the transaction.
The potential investor in your real estate note will wish to verify the fair market value of your property based on the last selling price and appraisals. He or she may ask for an appraisal. If the documentation is proper then your chances of receiving the highest amount possible for your note improve.